You need a designer who can move the needle for you, and I know a guy...

But there’s a catch – I can only work with you if:

  • you’ve already found a product/market fit
  • you’re looking for a strategic thinker, not an order taker
  • you’re not shopping for the cheapest designer
  • you’re open towards a remote engagement.

Here's a video of why this is important

Christian Vasile

You're in good hands

No two SaaS companies are alike, so their needs and challenges differ. There is no ‘typical scope’ or ‘standard deliverables’, but here is a list covering what I can do for you:

  • help you discover and understand your customers, how you can stand out in the market, and potential avenues for growth and revenue
  • validate ideas and the product/market fit
  • design products that meet your business KPIs by satisfying the needs of your customers
  • create design systems, pattern libraries, and other artefacts for developers hand-over
  • work together with Engineering & QA to find bugs and to ensure a smooth development process
  • stay on board for design continuity and to work on further iterations while you focus on growing the business.

How am I different?

I’ve seen how designers can hurt businesses if they blindly follow orders. I can’t tell you how many clients came to me with expensive projects they couldn’t afford for shiny apps they didn’t need.

I see it as my job to challenge your ideas, assumptions, and preferences by leveraging my product experience. That’s what you’re paying me for, and it’s my duty to ensure you’re getting the results you’re expecting. If I help you grow, my own business grows too, so I’m a strategic partner for you, not a vendor.

Kind words

“Christian thinks big and acts big. With a full range of UX Design & Research skills in his toolbox he is proactive, positive, and makes an impact in the customer experience and the business metrics. He’s an ideas man, follows evidence-based UCD, and he’s a super cool dude!”

Conor WardDirector of Design @ BT Consumer

How do we get started?

Hop on a free discovery call with me.

We’ll talk about your business goals, budget, and timelines, and whether I can help you get where you need to go. If we’re a good match, I will send you a formal proposal and as soon as the upfront payment clears, we’re ready to rock and roll.