Convert, engage, and retain more customers with your SaaS product

Design exists to solve problems – creating products that move the needle in an oversaturated market is the one I focus on. I’ve helped many clients run profitable and successful businesses using Design, and I’m always looking for the next partner to work with.

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Sack carried uphill

Running a product company is like carrying a heavy sack uphill

Whether designing a new product or improving one, everyone is dealing with the fear or reality of the same issues:

  • more than 50% of users never return after they sign up
  • almost 1 in 3 users churns every year
  • stiff competition from the 50k+ SaaS companies in North America alone
  • it costs more to acquire customers than what they pay in the first year
  • less than 1 in 10 free trials convert to paid packages.

I will carry that sack some of the way

Over the last decade I’ve seen how experience design and strategy can help businesses like yours:

  • understand customers, their pain points, and their unmet needs, and leverage these to create products that people are willing to pay for
  • discover and take advantage of hidden growth opportunities
  • stop building the wrong features that never get any traction
  • create products and services that users ‘get’ and keep coming back for
Photo of Christian

I’m Christian, a full-stack designer who helps SaaS companies grow through product design and strategy

Recently, I’ve designed an app that has raised $45m in funding, I’ve helped Danish startup iPaper double its growth, and I’ve saved British Gas upwards of £700k/year in costs during their digital transformation project.

☝️ It’s stuff like this I do for my clients – I create value for businesses by creating value for their customers.

Kind words

“Christian brings an outstanding blend of design skills and strategic thinking. He designs customer centric solutions which deliver value for the business. His thought process, articulation of complex ideas, and passion made him a valuable member of the team.”

Lakshika KhullarSenior Product Owner @ British Gas

“The quality of Christian’s design is unquestionable. Never satisfied with his work, he is always looking to improve the experience customers have. He generates ideas that fit not only the required aesthetics, but also the business value clients ask for.”

Bruno PerezStrategic Design Lead @ BCG Platinion

How do I get similar results?

If you want to learn more about how I’ve helped my clients grow, and how I can help you do the same, head over to my Services page.