I've designed successful products just like yours

Below you can read about some of them.

Helping British Gas reduce £700k in costs per year

The old Help & Support was frustrating customers, costing the support department money, and damaging KPIs like the NPS. My product team and I were tasked with solving these issues as part of the larger digital transformation project.

Launching a B2B platform for designers and researchers with a remote team in four months

Co-founded a company that aims to make research more accessible, effective, and actionable via a modern repository. We’ve based the product around what teams are struggling with: storing, sharing, and showing the impact of research.

Designing a B2B tool to improve the process of maintaining supplier relationships

Waasla is a Supplier Relationships Manager that helps SMBs gain control of their supplier lifecycle. We took a different approach than most SRMs, deciding to focus on basic tasks and do those well instead of building as many features as possible.